AnchorBank Routing Number and How to Wire

AnchorBank obliges each of its client to have the bank’s ABA routing number in order to complete a wire or a transfer, both domestically and internationally. Concerning the latter, the sender must also have a SWIFT code. Since AnchorBank is not directly part of SWIFT network, the sender is required to use the assistance of a subsidiary bank.

Routing Number


How to Find ABA RTN on Check

AnchorBank routing number on checks

How to Conduct a Wire

Costumers of AnchorBank may enjoy the fast and affordable wire transfer services that it offers. For detailed instruction regarding incoming wire transfers, check out this webpage. Meanwhile, if you are more interested to know how to make an outgoing wire transfer, kindly follow this link. In case you encounter any difficulty at all, you are most recommended to call AnchorBank’s cash management specialist at 1-800-25(252-6246), ext. 4104 or 1-608-259-4104. Alternatively, you may also visit the nearest branch office. Either way, all wire transfers require the following information from your end,

Domestic Transactions


  • AnchorBank Bank address
  • AnchorBank account number
  • AnchorBank ABA routing number
  • Recipients name and address


  • Name and account number of the recipient
  • Name and address of beneficiary’s bank
  • Routing number for receiving bank

International Transactions


  • Beneficiary name and account number
  • AnchorBank address
  • AnchorBank Routing number
  • AnchorBank Swift Code (Call customer service for more information)
  • Recipients name and address


  • Name of beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s account number
  • Receiving bank’s name and address
  • Swift Code of receiving bank
  • Recipients name and address